On a Whim to Europe

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One of the things I love so much about my adorable husband, is his spontaneity.   We took a pretty long (7.5 weeks) trip last year to Europe.  With that in mind, we had zero plans to travel back to Europe this year, but Mr. spontaneous decided about 7 weeks out that we should go to Eastern Europe.

Now I know this sounds like a dream come true for most, but to an OCD person such as myself, that is a consummate planner, this one threw me for a loop.  How was I going to redeem our air miles that fast?  I hadn’t even done any research at all on Eastern Europe.  I didn’t even really know what places I wanted to visit or HAD to visit.  There are a LOT of logistics for an OCD person to worry about, when travel to foreign places come into play. Now I’m NOT complaining, I’m just being real. I was absolutely overjoyed with the idea of going to Europe again.  I always want to LOVE my trips… I need for them to be practically perfect in every way! That almost never happens, but in my mind that is what I strive for. Every trip has it’s mistakes, pitfalls, down sides, and near disasters…but somehow I still wind up loving my trips.

THE SOLUTION:  We have always traveled on our own. (No Tours) We were totally anti-tour actually. However, like I said, on a whim my husband decided that he wanted to give the Rick Steve’s tour a shot… so I kind of got off easy with the whole planning part. Half of my trip I didn’t need to be concerned with the details, the other half I was on my own. This tour was GLORIOUS!!!

We met 24, like minded people, and were given some experiences that I never would have been able to arrange on my own. For 16 days I had insider info at my fingertips. I was with people that could take me to truly the best restaurants, show me the hidden spots for best photo’s, teach me the tricks to getting into all of the hot spots without waiting for hours or paying out the wazoo.

We got to walk the cities with local guides, that knew their stuff, and learn things that one would rarely read about in a guide book. We also had a translator with us, which comes in handy in small towns where NO ONE speaks a lick of English and well… my Hungarian, Polish, Czech, Croatian, Slovakian, Slovenian, German and Finnish are not really up to speed. The tour was priceless and absolutely a joy to be a part of.  I’ll be writing about the different places we visited eventually.  I’m still trying to digest the trip.

We spent a month in a very different Europe than what I had previously been to.  I’m excited to be sharing our stories with anyone that is interested in reading.  More later…..