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The oldest bridge in Brugge, right in front of where we stayed in Brugge.

The oldest bridge in Brugge, right in front of where we stayed in Brugge.

Brugge (Bruges), Belgium can be summed up in one word, PERFECT!   It’s just the most beautiful and charming little town.  We only spent one night here, but wished so much that we had stayed at least two.  I would highly recommend, if you have time to spare to spend at least 2 nights here.

One of  my favorite memories from Brugge, was of the unscripted, unplanned meanderings that lead us to the Convent.  We very quietly opened the door to the little church and the nuns were singing.  It was so lovely and so unexpected.  I was moved to tears with the sound of their beautiful voices echoing throughout the church.

Just wandering through this lovely, medieval town will soften and inspire you to dream of living in such loveliness.  The main plaza or “markt square”  is filled with history, a beautiful church where the blood of Christ is safely preserved for viewing by the visitors, little cafes line the circumference as well as wonderful little stores (ESPECIALLY BELGIUM CHOCOLATE) stores are a heaven to visit.

We took a little boat tour, that took all through the canals and the rest of our short time there, we just wandered.  It is just the perfect size town, laid out so well, I don’t believe we even used a map.

I’m sure, with only being there one night and barely being able to drag myself from our beautiful guest house, that there is so much more there to discover.  Like I said, I could easily spend more time there, but we definitely saw most of the “must see” sights in one day.

Caroline, the owner, proprietor, of Cote´ Canal, makes you feel like family.  She is so gracious and welcoming and serves up a delicious breakfast!!!  When we first arrived, she sat us down and outlined by priority everything we mush experience and see in our short visit.  She made sure to include, where to eat, where to drink, where to people watch and also where the tourist traps were so that we didn’t lose any valuable time or spend unnecessary money.

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  • markt in Bruges, Belgium
    Main Plaza or Market Square of Bruges
  • Church in Brugge
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    Our room at Cote Canal