Rovinj, Croatia

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  Well.. this was just a complete surprise of a little gem.  We had 2 short nights to get a little taste of this gorgeous place and I now understand why this is a destination vacation spot for so many people.   This very picturesque city, on the western edge of the Istrian peninsula, is just mesmerizing.  I must have taken a million pictures but of course my iphone doesn’t really capture pictures as well as I would like.    We stayed in a really beautiful resort just across the harbor from old town, and to me it was perfect because I could sit on my balcony and just take in all of the beauty.

What I personally loved about the “old town”, (which is probably the primary place most visitors go), is that you could see nearly the whole town in a day.  Well, unless you visited all of the great little shops, then it would take you a little longer.  We walked to the very tippy top of the very steep hill, to visit the church  St Euphemia… (ummmm  I had to look that name up,) and climbed up and down lots and lots of ancient stone stairs to get from one street to another and from one view point to another… and every single step was worth the climb.  The views are just spectacular….picture the Adriatic sea just crashing onto large rocks and 100’s of tiny fishing boats filled to the brim with the fresh catch of the day and even more beautiful sail boats ready to let the winds whisk them out to sea….I just fell in love with how diverse this city was.  It felt like a fishing village one moment, and then when the sun went down it turned into a pretty hip hot spot.

There are these nightclubs/bars built into the rocks (see photo attached) that are just so incredibly romantic with stunning scenery.  By day you can drink and jump off the rocks and swim (which in hindsight doesn’t seem like a great combination, but when in Croatia…)  and by night you sip really expensive but yummy drinks while surrounded by candles and look out into the ocean that is all lit up and just want to smack yourself because you feel so lucky that you are actually here and not dreaming.  Valentino’s is probably the most popular bar we visited…it was a pretty special night to remember.

A practically perfect island in Croatia

A practically perfect island in Croatia

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