The Struggle is Real

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Truly a trip to Love

Truly a trip to Love

So…. I’ve been trying to get my travel blog up and running for over a year now….I get all fired up about something and so full of ideas and then “life” gets in the way.  I have dabbled with the blogging world a bit, but just prior to our big trip to Italy and beyond, I really wanted to take my blogging to a new level.  I was ready to tackle the word press world and make it feel more real and professional.  So.. I attempted to build my own wordpress and then we took off for Europe and I kind of got swept up into my actual trip and not into the blogging part of my trip.  Then just blah..blah…blah… one thing after another got in the way of me focusing on building my blog and now about a year and half later I’m finally on my way.  I am basically going back through my notes and my facebook posts about my trips, and creating my posts to start building my content.  This is a backwards way of building my blog, but it just is what it is… a hobby, a passion a little bit of a hot mess…

Please… stick with me and you might be inspired by a place to visit or enjoy a few tales I have to tell.   It’s possible you will pick up a tip or two from a few friends I have invited to write guest posts, (because I’m pretty sure I have some pretty savvy friends and family that could really make some significant contributions to this blog.)

This post is dedicated to my husband, Danny, who shares my passion for exploring the unknown and remembering fondly the places we’ve visited.  Mostly I dedicate this to him because he’s been listening to me talk about blogging for so long….and just indulges all of my enthusiasm!